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“Just wanted to thank Matt Brogan, Chris Binks & Charles Cooper for providing a first class service. We were nervous about selecting a solicitor as this was our first time for both buying and selling at the same time.

I can honestly say that every single email we sent to Brogans was responded to within 30 minutes, even when the individual we contacted was out of the office (they regularly check their colleagues emails when they’re out-of-office or on holiday). Every phone call was answered. We always got prompt advice when they we requested it and never felt like we were waiting on them.

We’re glad we decided to stay local, as it was handy to be able to save time by dropping documents off at their office rather than post them. We also hasd peace of mind that if we didn’t get the service we needed we would be able to go to the office to speak to them, although it never came to that, because their service was impeccable.

The fees were very reasonable and excellent value for money. They were extremely helpful at all times and never dropped the ball. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”